Classes and Playshops

Looking for that perfect class? I offer lively, hands on programs that both challenge and enlighten you!

I can meet with you and your group for individual CEUs either at my office (small groups) or your location. If you're interested in scheduling a class with me just send a text or email. Most CEU classes are 3 contact hrs for Licensed Massage Therapists. This includes all materials needed and a certificate for license renewals.

I also offer many not-for-credit classes. As a Quantum Healer I've found that all level of the body, mind, and spirit need to looked at to 'let it all go.' Just working on one level might fix the issue temporary. Until everything is resolved the 'problem' may continue to come back again, and again, and again.....

All classes open to anyone!

Spa Ethics  ($35)

Ethics in a Small Town ($35)

Rock n Roll Bodywork -- Upper Body  ($55)

Rock n Rol Bodywork -- Lower Body  ($45)

Both Rock n Roll Classes -- ($70)

Creating your own Essential Oil Blends  ($55)

Trauma, Addictions, and Massage ($35)


I also offer spiritual and metaphysical classes, all on a Love Offering basis --

Connecting with your Spirit Guides

Quantum Healing

Releasing and Healing Trauma

Past Life/Parallel Universe Balancing